Class 201 Loco
The Class 201 loco is now available. MM8208, MM0203, MM0208, MM0209, MM0210 MM0220, MM0222, MM0229, MM0230, MM0233  are in stockists now. The model is available in all IE, Inter City, Enterprise (old & new liveries), and NIR liveries. This is a highly detailed model made to the best continental standard.

Specification -
  • 5 Pole Double Flywheel Motor Driving 4 Axles with All Wheel Pick Up
  • Operational Directional Head/Marker Lights
  • Easy Access On/Off Switch Underneath for Red Lights
  • 21 Pin DCC Ready with High Quality Speaker Installed
  • NEM Pockets & Accessory Pack Including Filler Piece for Front Valance/ Fairing
  • Detailed Cab Interior

A custom Murphy Models DCC Chip is available from stockists. Marker lights and headlights can be switched on/off independently of each other and will change with direction of travel. Cab lights can be switched on/off independently of each other or both on or both off and are non directional.

We also hope to have a DCC sound chip available in the near future.

SRP €175
EM Class 201
This page was last updated: September 11, 2018
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