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This page was last updated: January 13, 2024

Update January 2023

Mk IId Air-Conditioned Coaches

The Coaches are due to arrive in Dublin on the week commencing 15 January 2024 and will be distributed to stockists as soon as possible. This release of these coaches will be produced in IR livery. Versions will be Full First, Composite, Standard, Restaurant and EGV. In addition, to complement the existing EGV and Restaurant stock, Standard class coaches in the 'Galway' livery will also be produced. Minor adjustments will be made to existing tooling to improve the model where necessary. 

Class 141 Locomotives

The Class 141/181 loco manufacturing process is complete, the locos are assembled, painted, packed, are due to ship before Chinese New Year (early Feb). DCC and DCC sound chips will be available at the same time. The main PCBs and light PCBs have been reengineered to accommodate the new factory installed speaker and facilitate the shunting light configuration of one white and one red light simultaneously. Arrival date is likely the beginning of Aprils.

Class 201 Locomotives

There will be short production runs of the 201 Class locomotive in three different liveries. These will be the most recent Enterprise livery, the interim Black & Silver 'Badger' livery and the Intercity green/silver livery with the current IE logo. Exact schedule is not available at present.  Because of the small quantities involved, these will be allocated to model shops on a fair Pro-rata basis.

Mk III Coaches

It is over 20 years ago since Murphy Models commissioned Lima to produce ready to run Irish Mk III stock. It is planned to release a brand-new range of CIE, IR and IE Mk3 coaches featuring all new tooling incorporating all the unique features of the Irish Mk3. This will include items such as plug doors. Proposed versions across the liveries will be- EGV, First, Composite, City-Gold, Restaurant, Standard and Executive.

It is also planned to produce the suburban version of the Mk3 with the hopper windows as well as the push-pull driving trailer.

Craven Coaches

Consideration is also being given to a new production of Craven coaches. This is subject to there being enough interest to make such a project economically viable.

Leyland Fire Engine and Daimler APC - MM1710

This 2 vehicle set, comprising a Leyland Fire Engine and Daimler APC (armoured personnel carrier) is available from our usual stockists upon request. 

In their own way, each vehicle is unique. The fire engine is the first on a Leyland chassis and the first Dublin motorised appliance. It was designed in 1909 by Capt. Purcell, chief fire officer for Dublin. Three examples were built in Scotland. One remained in southern England and the other went to the Indian sub-continent. Nothing further is known about them. The Dublin version was scrapped c.1950.

The Daimlers were leased from Guinness by the British Army and fitted with 4 smoke boxes in Inchicore Railway Works. They were welded together, gun ports cut, dummy gun ports painted and rear smoke box door left in situ. The forerunners of the modern day APCs! They were returned to Guinness in due course.

The Leyland Fire Engine is supplied with decals (inc. spares) which should be placed on the gold outlined panels forward of the "Dublin Fire Department" plaque (behind the front seat, not on the side of the front seat.)