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Update from Murphy Models
August  2019

We are now at the pre-production stage for the 121 model are expecting two running models to arrive in Dublin for testing in the last week of August. We will provide more details in the coming weeks but we are aiming for release in October 2019. In the interim, please click here for some photos.

The MkII coaches in Supertrain livery are now available. There are 5 versions, viz. First class, Std class, Composite, Restaurant and Gen Van. Catalogue numbers as follows:- 

MM5102 1st. 
MM5202, MM5214, MM5224 - Std.
MM5152 - Composite.
MM5402, MM5408 restaurant.
MM5605 EGV. 
SRP E58.50/L52.50 

Announcing the arrival of our 2 vehicle set, comprising a Leyland Fire Engine and Daimler APC (armoured personel carrier). Available from our usual stockists, deliveries starting later this week.SRP E55.00.

In their own way, each vehicle is unique. The fire engine is the first on a Leyland chassis and the first Dublin motorised appliance. It was designed in 1909 by Capt. Purcell, chief fire officer for Dublin. Three examples were built in Scotland. One remained in southern England and the other went to the Indian sub-continent. Nothing further is known about them.The Dublin version was scrapped c.1950.

The Daimlers were leased from Guinness by the British Army and fitted with 4 smoke boxes in Inchicore Railway Works. They were welded together, gun ports cut, dummy gun ports painted and rear smoke box door left in situ. The forerunners of the modern day APCs! They were returned to Guinness in due course.

The Leyland Fire Engine is supplied with decals (inc. spares) which should be placed on the gold outlined panels forward of the "Dublin Fire Department" plaque (behind the front seat, not on the side of the front seat.)

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