Mark IId Coaches
As of May 2019 The MkII coaches in Supertrain livery are now available. There are 5 versions, viz. First class, Std class, Composite, Restaurant and Gen Van. Catalogue numbers as follows:- 

MM5102 1st. 
MM5202, MM5214, MM5224 - Std.
MM5152 - Composite.
MM5402, MM5408 restaurant.
MM5605 EGV. 
SRP E58.50/L52.50 

In January 2015, seven different coaches comprising of 1st, Composite, 3 x Standard class, a "Diner" coach, and an EGV - all in the CIE SuperTrain livery  were released:

MM5101 1st Class 
MM5151 Composite 
MM5201, 5215 & 5223 Standard Class 
MM5403 Diner 
MM5604 & 5608 EGV

Versions Released previously: 

MM5411 Restaurant in Galway Livery
MM5601 in Galway Livery
MM5401 Restaurant Car in IE with black roof
MM5609 EGV in IE with orange roof
MM5236 Standard Coach in IE with orange roof
MM5407 Restaurant Car in IE with orange roof
MM5602 EGV in IE with black roof

We will be producing 5 variants of the Mark IId coaches in total :-

Super Standard; Standard; Composite; Restaurant; EGV

The coaches will be produced in the original Super Train, Irish Rail, Iarnrod Eireann and the "Galway" liveries.

SRP €56
Mark IId Coaches
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